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Aspire College Advisor

Ultimately you will be the one steering your college search and admissions process – the whole point of working hand-in-hand with us  is to help you find the colleges that would be best fit for YOU. We’ll begin by talking about your goals and desires, the college experience you are looking for etc. The next step would be an assessment of  your past academic performance, level of involvement in school and community activities to properly analyse the key points such as “how do you learn best?’ and “what do you really care about?”. Through series of  chats, thorough college searches, campus visits, we would place you in a position to have a self-reflection, enabling you help us find the niche you are aspiring for, in Ireland.

The College Advisor provides personalized support throughout the college admissions process. We can help you with establishing a standardized testing schedule, college reviews and ranking, organizing and reviewing college applications and essays, preparing for college
interviews, choosing appropriate classes and extracurricular activities,
making final decisions about college choice, and applying for
scholarships and financial aid.