Aspire Consultancy Services
"Let us guide you to your Destination & Destiny"

Aspire Parent Support

Our goal is to help you find the most suited educational opportunities for your child. As parents ourselves, we understand and value the role  parents play in guiding their young adults.
During our initial meetings, we will start working on understanding your family’s goals and needs, proceeding towards our shared mission of finding the best opportunity for your child. An assessment  of past academic performance, testing, and individual learning style shall follow, designed to identify the individual's personal goals and targets.

As educational consultants, we believe that, it is important from a student's perspective to take ownership of their college search and admission journey, getting a  clear picture of their ambitions and aspirations. We shall serve as their guide in this process, assigning tasks and deadlines to them that would come as part of college search and application process. Parents should play their part in supporting the child, acting as facilitators of tools and services such as guidebooks, transportation to colleges, tutors, and counselors etc.